Friday, September 26, 2008

How to servive the onslaught of societies!

Hey “Innocent”

Hope that your bags are packed and you are rearing to come to varsity! Having taken that path last year I thought I might tell you an aspect that is never mentioned to first years – that of the conniving societies.

When you arrive, you will undoubtedly be swamped with book loads of leaflets, pamphlets and flyers telling you what you should see, how you should act, where to go and not to waste paper! Amongst this new library, an informational booklet on the societies offered may come to light – if not, look for it. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, I think they were all printed five years ago to provide relief for the ‘O week’ printers for the following ten years. Your best bet is to ask current students what societies they belong to, what societies have good reputations in management, inspiration and yes, cheese and wines!

With this in mind, make a list of what you enjoy doing. Compare this to the list of societies that have been recommended to you. An aspect that societies never mention is that they will suck you dry of your spare cash, and don’t be deceived, they also have the ability to delve into your student account! This, they claim are for t-shirts, but at the rate they go, you could kit out your whole family and still have a surplus. Also, be very weary of the style of the one and only t shirt you might receive (if you are lucky) in the third term. More often than not they seem to be of the fashion which you might encounter in the circus!

At societies evening, all the societies will be enticing. Lists of promises with what they provide, the advantage of joining the exclusive group, the wonderful service you will receive, will all be broken as soon as you write your student number on their Holocaust list. Caution: heed this warning in advance.

Otherwise, all the best. Varsity is the place of great opportunity in every aspect of your life.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, my special friend!
“Been there done that!”

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