Saturday, September 27, 2008

To my Little Princess...

To My Little Princess,

You have always been so sheltered and protected from people that were not like you. Remember when your family had made sure that you attended a private, all girls’ institution only so that you would mix with a certain kind of people, they did it to make you “feel safe”. You must know that this is not reality Your Graciousness. The world has so much more variation than what you’re used to. You have been showered with everything you ever wanted and you were not exposed to any hardship that would frighten you or make you understand that life is not as simple as you make it out to be. Before stepping out into this monstrous world, open your mind, open your heart and let your spirit shine.

Your journey here will be filled with colour; no doubt, it will be a phenomenal experience. This begins with the most basic; interaction with people across the gender and race line. Princess, please know that this will be interaction on all levels; eating, working and living. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this once you adapt to it, but this could take you long. What you will experience is somewhat of a culture shock. In this world, you scrape together every bit of recognition you can claim. Just remember, there are many just like you, and there isn’t that much love to go around! I’m not trying to scare you, but “let no one try to crush thy spirit”, as your mum always says.

Lastly, remember you are a delicate flower, not to be tampered with or tainted. Keep your head up high and be strong. Spread your wings, make many different friends and have clean and healthy fun, for that makes this experience a whole lot more worthwhile.

Your guiding star,


sakib said...

from reading this post it has made me realize how important campus life really is. It shows how much independence one may gain and the freedom one may have. Whether to use it in the right way or not would really determine your future. well done

Abdul said...

i have been inspired by this post.....well done

Moazzam said...

being a really emotional person iwas extremely touched and moved by this post,i really appreciate the effort you have put in,please keep up the good work,well done!!

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