Monday, October 6, 2008

"I wouldn't change a thing..."

Like so many others, she comes from a home of divorced parents. But this has not impeded her ability to handle her life wisely, as she is a confident young woman who brings joy to those around her.
She will remain nameless for the time being, as it is in hope that she will linger absolutely free from any judgment until the time is right. She is a journalism student who is in a similar situation to her fellow students, as she doesn’t know if she is doing the right thing with her studies.
“I’m not sure if I want to do journalism,” she says, “it’s not the kind of journalism I had in mind.”
It is here at Rhodes University where she would get the opportunity to fulfil her passion though, which is photography. This bright young photo-junkie has set her sights on eventually becoming a conservation photographer, taking awe-inspiring photographs of wild life that would make even the Dalai Lama breathless in utter peace of mind.
“If I don’t get into photo-journ, I’ll change degree,” says the prospective photography journalism student. She has reason to be tense as a fish in a leaking bowl, as there is much competition amongst the students due to the limited number of available places in the ‘photo-journ’ class.
This has been in the centre of her thoughts lately, as she has already successfully survived her first year at Rhodes University. There are some who may think that this is already a colossal accomplishment on its own. This is because not all students metaphorically live to tell the tale of a triumph over the battle of first year at University, especially one as ‘unique’ (by which untamed might sometimes be a more effective substitute) as Rhodes University.With her eyes jokingly pointed down, she revealed the secret behind her assistance to first year survival, “Alcohol,” she said with an ear-to-ear smile revealing pearly whites.
“The main piece of advice that I could give a first year student is to work hard,” she asserted. “Students should choose their subjects wisely so that they don’t waste time on subjects they don’t like.”
“A whole year of philosophy was a waste of time because I wasn’t interested in it,” she revealed.
There is little doubt that university life makes small, or sometimes large, alterations to a person with regard to who they are as people. As a student at Rhodes University, this prospective future photo journalist proclaims that one must have responsibility.
“University life has made me more responsible. There is no one here who will tell you to go to lectures or do your assignments; you have to make your own time for your work. There are no parents or teachers pushing you to get things done.”
While twirling her hair around her index, she provides some sensible words of guidance on how to not go about flunking your degree because of the overwhelming freedom and responsibility of first year university life.
Looking back on first year as a whole, Kate Roswell (pseudonym) is satisfied with her choices.
“With regard to my thoughts on first year, I wouldn’t change a thing… except maybe study harder.”

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