Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only First Year Females?? Likely to contract AIDS????

In response to the title itself in where strawberries states that first year females are more likely to contract HIV/AIDS at Rhodes sounds absurdly sexist. What decent evidence is there that first year males are not in the very same predicament? They also engage in sex. In this case I feel that the spreading of AIDS has absolutely nothing to do with age, gender or whether one is first, second, third or forth year. It solely depends on the decisions one chooses to take on a night out. Whether one is in a state of drunken rebel or even sanely sober, how you choose to spend your night and with whom is the only thing of importance because AIDS comes in any shoes size. First years could also likely have AIDS already putting senior students at risk if they decide to engage in intercourse. Think about this rather than singling the situation out in a gender threatening style or even between seniors and juniors.

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