Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's not all about the sex, love.

Hi there Starfish,
I really enjoyed reading your post about first-year relationships. You are right about a lot of the stuff you said. Some girls do not realize that there are guys out there who are only interested in going all the way. Such guys think that because they are at university, they have to get as many notches on their belts as possible. I am truly glad that you didn’t give in to that promiscuous wannabe, presumably misogynistic asshole who tried to pull you into the sack. My word, if he lied about his father’s death just to get that much closer to sleeping with you, how low would this guy go? There really are too many nice girls at Rhodes who are taken advantage of by guys who just want to ‘get in, get off, and get out’ – excuse the expression.
However, you must be careful not to over-generalize. I have been in a stable relationship with my girlfriend for 10 months now. Clearly this first year relationship is working. People, especially ‘victim girls’, need to be aware of who they allow into their lives… and into their beds. Although, whatever mistakes such people make, like if they do unfortunately get taken advantage of by a sexual-predator of a male, you must realize that they will almost certainly get back up on their feet afterwards. They will also be stronger people for it; and they will learn to not be so easily tricked by assholes like your ex-friend.

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