Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reply to opinion piece

Hey girl, I think you rock, and it isn’t my own Zimbabwean pride. What dictates is the fact that you stick to your beliefs, in your anecdote of your escapade to Port Elizabeth. This causes your reader to admire you while developing Aristotle’s rhetoric division ‘epidentic’ while backing it with ethos mode of proof. I totally agree with your forceful argument, why should Rhodents be characterized or, quite frankly, boxed in the degree labeled the “biggest boozes ever?” As a fellow Rhodent I can see no reason why any one would want to be proudly categorized like this? I view the question of ‘Rhodent citizenship’ in the same light as how you distinguish a specific nationality, is it the country you are born in, the passport you hold or where your ancestors originated from? I think each person has to decide for themselves. And just to give you encouragement; I don’t drink myself dizzy, runabout in overalls in the rain or any of the other crazy things one hears classifies you yet I proudly believe I am a Rhodent!

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